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Taking into consideration the very high requirements of the customer, we provide comprehensive service in short-term and medium-term rental for companies and individuals. We strive to make each offer tailor-made. The cars on offer are not older than a few months and possess the best possible equipment. All to satisfy the sophisticated needs of each client.

What is a short-term rental?

Short term rental is the ideal solution for companies and individuals who want to rent a car from one to several days.

What does short-term rental entail ?

  • Immediate availability of cars.

  • Rapidly organised cheap and comfortable means of transport.

  • Wide range of cars for business at the lowest prices.

  • Competitive rental rates for regular customers.

  • Full service cover.

  • Full vehicle insurance.

  • A wide range of types of cars.

  • Replacement car incase of repair necessity.

  • The possibility to deliver and pick the car up from the Client’s office.

What is a short-term rental?

The medium-term solution is suitable for companies and individuals who want to quickly build a fleet of cars, seasonally expand its fleet, need a car for a new employee or while waiting for a new order from a dealer. The cars which we have on offer can be used for representational purposes.


Rental time

1-24 months, with a possible extension of the contract and modification of its terms


Availability of vehicles

  • The availability of any number of cars, directly tailored to clients needs.

  • Replacement cars and professional technical support.

  • Automobile segments A, B, C and D, SUV, Off-road, PREMIUM, SPORT

  • Possibility to deliver and collect vehicles to / from the Client’s office.

  • Modification of the fleet (changes between segments and in the number of cars in use under one contract).


  • Individually determined agreements are more advantageous than the short-term rental.

  • Simplified procedures for verification.

  • Service and maintenance during the contract (vehicle maintenance, insurance, tyres: summer-winter, etc.).

  • Special services (monitoring on request, report runs, routes, etc.).

  • Cumulative invoice issued for the car rental / calculated at the end of the month.

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